Open! Festival is a cooperative way of matching real estate owners and initiatives looking for space. In the frame of the festival, selected projects move into the available storefronts for a month, testing their idea with reduced risk. Abandoned stores will be revived, making visible their hidden opportunities and therefore increasing the chance of finding long-term tenants.

Cooperative real estate mediation

Together, with reduced risks
Shop owners and initiatives can cooperate with reduced risk within the framework of Open! Festival. Following the event, they can both make an experience-based decision about the continuation of the lease. Open! Festival is not only an event, but a process, where finding the ideal premises and the right tenant will be the result of collective work.

Treat, experience, visibility
The aim of the organisers is to provide benefits to all participants of the process, regardless of the continuation of the lease. The initiatives gain important experiences, knowledge and professional links; owners profit of an increased visibility for their properties.

Who is this project for?

Owners of vacant stores
Owners of vacant commercial ground-floor properties who are willing to support projects with free use of their empty stores during the time of the festival. In return, they meet potential tenants, their stores will be open for a month, thus increasing the chance for renting will be much higher.

Initiatives looking for space
Applying for the festival with a concept, the shortlisted initiatives will participate in a free training and meet with the property owners, mentors and volunteers. After the matchmaking process, they can use the stores for one month without rental fee: this allows them to experience the benefits and advantages of running their own store.

Our Mission

The festival’s rewards are not limited to the owners and tenants: it creates benefits for the entire city. We believe that the city, where initiatives can access neglected resources is a sustainable city where community, knowledge and creativity can thrive.

The organizer
KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre

KÉK is an independent architectural cultural centre operated by young Hungarian architects, artists and civilians. The centre aims to open new perspectives in architectural and urban thinking in Hungary through its fresh, provoking and focused programs, relevant also in international context. This organization is currently the only internationally acknowledged professional platform representing contemporary architecture in Hungary. The activities of KÉK receive intensive local and international attention and acknowledgement. Since its foundation in 2006 almost 500 events have been organized, including Hungarian and international exhibitions, conferences, architecture tours and festivals, attracting over 150 000 visitors.

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